Thanks to Colin Mcfarland, Lukas Vermeer, Rik Higham, Doug Hall, Michael Aagard and many others who helped shape this.

9/11 : V3 updated after Feedback from RH — to change within x business cycles to over a period of x business cycles.

Simple Kit

1. Because we saw (data/feedback)

2. We expect that (change) will cause (impact)

3. We’ll measure this using (data metric)

Advanced Kit

1. Because we saw (qual & quant data)

2. We expect that (change) for (population) will cause (impact(s))

3. We expect to see (data metric(s) change) over a period of (x business cycles)

Conversion Optimisation, Usability, Split Testing, Lean, Agile,User Experience, Performance, Web Analytics, Conversion Optimization ,#CRO

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