Hypothesis Kit V4

The Hypothesis Kit:

Hypothesis Kit V4


One of the original strengths of the hypothesis kit is that it made you start with the word “Because”. To have an actual ‘reason’ to run a test. Someone once told me “Craig, just because a cosmic particle went through your brain and a neuron fired, it doesn’t make it a good experiment idea”. Why oh Why are we actually running this experiment? This is the Why bit!


Proof that your theory should change your default (or not) in terms of specific metrics and/or feedback that you expect or do not expect to see.


Another great idea from Booking, this allows you to articulate the experiment goal in terms of the impact on Customers, The Business, Partners, Suppliers and/or Staff. OKRs or Specific Goals are good to tie back to the other parts of the hypothesis!

Example Hypothesis Kit
Booking.com Hypothesis Example 1
Booking.com Hypothesis Example 2



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